2002 Show Winners

L.A. Baltic Kharma (L.A. Baltic Inspiration x L.A. Rose of Sweden by Burggraf)
5 year old SWB mare bred and owned by Los Alamos Dressage Center

Winner of 4 year old and older maiden mare class - Dressage At Devon
USDF Reserve Champion -
Training Level Vintage Cup

L.A. Baltic Kharma was also an International Jumper Futurity winner in 2001 and received two Diplomas at her SWB mare grading inspection in 2001 - one for gaits and another for jumping ability.

Inspiration's By The Book (L.A. Baltic Inspiration x T.B. mare)
Yearling SWB filly bred and owned by Sally and Sonny Wells, N.J.
Shown with handler, Lisa Basselini, owner, Sally Wells and manager, Carol Przewoznik

Winner - Yearling filly class
BFK Breed Show, NJ

L.A. Baltic Sunrise (L.A. Baltic Sun x L.A. Rose of Sweden by Burggraf)
12 year old SWB stallion bred by Los Alamos Dressage Center and jointly owned by Christina Hewitt and Los Alamos

USDF Reserve Champion Intermediaire 1 Vintage Cup
USDF All Breed Reserve Champion Intermediaire 1 Musical Freestyle
USDF All Breed Winner of Intermediaire 1 Vintage Cup
USDF All Breed 3rd Place Intermediaire 1 Open

Baltic Pocydan (L.A. Baltic Inspiration x Cyprus Dancer xx)
4 year old colt bred by Kim Gerette of WV and owned by Annie LaMaster of FL.

3rd Place International Jumper Futurity Best Type and Movement
Honorable Mention at the IJF

Baltic Pocydan made his first horse show debut at the International Jumper Futurity! Since his owner, who was planning to show him, broke her collar bone and could not get him to any shows prior to this big one, Heather Caristo was kind enough to show him for Annie. This pair did an excellent job and placed 3rd for Type and Movement. They were also called back for an Honorable Mention with the judges noted that Baltic Pocydan seemed to be very talented, but just too inexperienced to be able to place higher that day at the IJF.

Melissa Reese and The Artful Dodger with coach, Lisa Basselini

Junior Champion at Training Level and winner of both qualifying classes of
Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association

Melissa, a 13 year old, very dedicated student at Los Alamos Dressage Center, walked away with all the Training Level Honors a Junior could win at the ESDCTA Championship show. She is a student of Lisa Basselini, Apprentice Trainer and Manager at Los Alamos.

Celebration (L.A. Baltic Inspiration x Anticipation by Amiral)
Yearling SWB filly bred and owned by Ruth Doepkins, MD

Third Place - Yearling Fillies
Dressage At Devon

Baltizar (L.A. Baltic Sun X Zarina)
3 year old SWB gelding bred and owned by Kathy and Raymond Joachim, CO

Winner of 3 y/o Colts and Geldings
Reserve Champion Colt
USDF Regional Breed Class Finals, CO

At his first show (Autumn Hill Sporthorse Breed Show and Dressage Festival) he was Reserve Champion colt/gelding and then went on the be Reserve Champion Young Horse. At his second show, which was the Cosequin Breeder's Finals for Region Five he placed third in the finals for Colt/Geldings. The difference in scoring from Champion to third place was .02 percentage points. He also was Fifth Place for the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society's Sport Horse of the Year, Three Years and Younger. His median average was 75.775%. Two of the horses w/ higher averages were older, already under saddle, went to all of the shows, and best of all Balatzar had beat them both. I sound like I'm bragging, I guess I am, but I just love this horse. -Kathy

Baltic Sensation (L.A. Baltic Sun x Pommerans)
3 year old SWB gelding bred and owned by Don Cammiso, VA
Read Don's reaction below...

8th place
Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse
Dressage At Devon

Mickaël Aranda, visiting from France, hangs out with the filly, Inspiration's By The Book after her win at the BFK Breed show.

Wow! I can't believe that Baltic Sensation actually made it to Devon!

      It was 4.5 years ago that a very sick black colt by L.A. Baltic Sun was born to my favorite mare, Pomerans (aka Annie) by Pommery. The mare had given no signs of foaling that night, so this colt was quite a surprise. That winter had been mild and the spring was very wet; I had no idea that Annie had an intolerance for fescue poisoning. We rushed the colt to the DuPont Veterinary Clinic at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA (only 30 minutes from our farm).  He was immediately placed on the blue mats, hooked up to IV tubes, and cared for on a 24 hour basis. Volunteers turned him over every 30 minutes.

      Annie stood patiently over him for the first 3 days, but as she got anxious I decided to take her home. Although the colt never had seizures, his progress was nil. After being shaken awake, he would stand when lifted ... but still hadn't gotten up on his own after several days. I refused to give him a name, since I really didn't think he was going to make it through this physical and emotional ordeal.

      My partner, Thom, insisted that we call him something, so the mantra, "Come on, Buddy, get up!" was born.  At the end of the week the vet bills had climbed to $8,000 and the colt was yet to stand on his own. The vets asked me what to do (on a Friday) and I set a deadline for Monday.

      The weekend passed ... each day was heavier as Buddy lay there sleeping. I went to work on Monday and called during the day ... still no progress.  So on the way to the clinic I rehearsed my little speech, "I think that it's time to let him go ..."  But as I arrived at 4:45, I was met with a sea of happy faces.  At 4:30 Buddy had gotten up on his own.  He wasn't out of the woods yet, but this was an important sign of progress!

      After 15 days and $11K Buddy came home. His mother (who I has patiently milked for 15 days) refused to recognize him.  So his new "mothers" (me, my neighbors, and everyone at the local vet clinic) took turns feeding him every four hours.  Thumper, an ancient white Welsh pony mare, had baby-sat several other orphans ... and she took Buddy under her wing.  So Buddy went through his childhood, half SWB, half pony, ... and nearly human.

      Since Buddy was hand raised, he was very easy to work with in hand.  So as a yearling he went off to shows (as Baltic Sensation) and picked up his first ribbons.  But as my real career in education progressed, Buddy just sat at the farm ... a very expensive pet.  This spring Buddy turned four years old and was still not under saddle - just ridden bareback in a halter.

      When the current crop of foals came, I literally had no room for him, so I sent him to a friend (Lauren Dearlove) for 30 days of training.  Lauren adored him, and since her mare had a physical setback, she asked if he could stay on at her farm.  After 90 days of training he went to his first dressage show ... 40% (and the roughest dressage test you've EVER seen) on the first day and 63% (with a red ribbon) on the second day.  Such progress prompted the ever optimistic Lauren to pronounce, "I think Buddy should go to Devon."  I knew that I already had a commitment at work for September 24, but was happy to let Buddy have the experience.  So when Lauren called last night to exclaim that (with 4 months of training) Buddy had handled the excitement of Devon and pinned (8 out of 21) in the Suitability Class, a quiet tear ran down my cheek.  He may not have been the winner of that class, but since the day that he FINALLY stood up, Buddy has been a winner in our hearts.

-Don Cammiso

PS. But I forgot to add that the highlight of my day is getting home and taking Buddy (Sensation) out for a ride. He is a wonderful horse, one of the best I've ever had or will own. It will be hard NOT to breed back to Sunny this
year. -Don


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