The Little Fire Hand Lady

By Katarina Antens-Miller

April 30, 2006

Once upon a time in a far away land, was a horse kingdom called Los Alamos land. In this very horse kingdom lived a little lady with all her little horses.

This little lady was not just any little lady, Oh no; she was a very special little lady. You see, this little lady had a magical fire hand which could do magical things. Remarkable was she, one had to search long and hard to find a little lady as capable as she.

Over the years the little fire hand lady did many, many good things.

One time many years ago, a king from a far away land came to the little fire hand lady very distraught, “little fire hand lady he said, you must help me I am in such despair. My daughter my beautiful daughter will not wake up. A sleeping beauty she is. You must help me”. The little fire hand lady turned to her hand “fire hand fire hand give me a sign” and the test for Mononucleosis she did find.

The little fire hand lady liked biology a lot, but not as much as her little horses. She had nice little Arabians they were special indeed, but the little fire hand wanted more. A golden stallion is what she thought. Once again she turned to her fire hand, “fire hand fire hand give me a sign, where can I a golden stallion find?” “Dear little fire hand lady, you must search in a far far away land where strange Vikings reside”. “But do not fear the Vikings as they will not harm you as long as a Swedish horse you bring to your side.”

She set out for the journey to look for gold but found the Sun. The sun spread his seed and made many more little golden horses and the fire hand lady lived happily ever after.

Well not quite………

A master of horsemanship was she, and people from all over the world would come to learn from and with the master be. The little fire hand lady got overwhelmed, she had to turn to the hand once more. “Fire hand fire hand give me a sign, how can I help all this people to ride and how can I possibly find the time?” Outside rein! The hand replied, remember, the secret of riding is “learn to use the outside rein” and it must be done simply all the time. She did what the hand requested, and all her student blossomed and she and the students lived happily ever after.

Well not quite……

As good and strong as the little fire hand lady was wired, she of the cold and dark winter months was tired. So she turned to the hand to say, “Fire hand fire hand give me sign how can I gaze at the bright and warm sunshine?” The fire hand replied, “You have to “GO WEST” young fire hand lady”.

The fire hand lady had so trusted the hand many times over the years but somehow felt a little unsure of its advice this time. Therefore, she decided to turn to her horses for their advice.

She gathered them all, Inspiration, Kharma, Nicara, Willy, Highlite, and Finale. Listen up little horses, she said, “What do you think about going west?”

Inspiration, lit up and immediately replied, “Does that mean that I do not have to do that dressage sissy stuff any longer?” “Hey dude, if I can do the tough western cowboy style instead, I think my foot will even feel better!”

“Kharma, Kharma my dear double diploma Kharma, what is your opinion of this move?” said the fire hand lady.

The double diploma Kharma looked distressed indeed, since she had not heard any gossip about such a move around the water cooler. “Well, I will consult with the herd to be sure that my half sister, Savanna, can the order ensure. “If so, I’ll go!”

The little fire hand lady turn to Nicara, “little Nicara what do you think?” “I will only go as long as I can remain Her Highness, The Royal Princess of Los Alamos”, she said in her very own stately way.

Willy burst out in a fearful voice, “No Way” he said, “I am way too scared!” No! No! Help! I don’t want to GO WEST, because who knows what could be OUT THERE?” Kharma tells me there could be cows OUT THERE, and I don’t know about cows, I never even met a cow.”

“How about you little Finale”, said the fire hand lady to the youngest product of all the Viking bloodlines from far away lands. “I don’t know”, said Finale, “I’m just a kid.”

Since Finale is a minor and Highlite will do whatever I tell him to do, we have four votes against one, and so it looks like we are GOING WEST.”

So the little fire hand lady and her little horses packed their bags and moved to Tinsel Town and lived happily ever, ever after…???.....?????...!!!!!


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